Sanos Dental Sealant

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SANOS® acts like a liquid bandage that seals the gingival margin against the formation of plaque, extending the benefits of a professional dental clean by a minimum of six months.


One of the biggest challenges for animal dental care is keeping the gingival sulcus clean. Dental problems are often caused by plaque at the gingival sulcus and lead to irreversible periodontal disease. Therefore, veterinary dental cleaning is essential for dogs and cats. However, plaque starts to reattach to the teeth within hours after dental cleaning if no dental home care is administered afterwards. Unfortunately, owner compliance with daily tooth brushing is approximately 1%1. This is where SANOS® veterinary dental barrier sealant can help.

SANOS® acts like a liquid bandage that seals the subgingival line (gingival sulcus) against the formation of plaque, yet allows water and oxygen to pass through² . Applied at the end of a professional dental clean, it will extend the benefits of the clean by a minimum of 6 months. It may be applied at spay or neuter to help clients get started on the path to wellness or used in conjunction with a six month wellness programme to promote better overall health.

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