Veterinary Dental X-Ray Generators

The French made Acteon X-Mind generators are specifically designed for veterinary dentistry and feature:

  • Crystal clear images
  • Veterinary specific user friendly control panel for quick and accurate settings
  • Reduced patient and staff radiation exposure ensuring exceptional safety
  • Ergonomic and easy to use design allowing stable positioning and precise shots
  • Configuration that fits into any treatment area with trolley, wall or ceiling mount options and 3 different arm lengths.
  • The X-Mind™ Unity offers the further advantage of communication with the SOPIX Sensor Inside which stops the generator at the exact amount of x-ray emission needed for perfect images, eliminating overexposure of the image and staff.

The X-Mind™ Unity

The X-Mind™ Unity generator has a 0.4mm focal spot which, together with configurable voltage (60, 65, 70 Kv) and current (4-7 Ma) settings, ensures a sharp and contrasted image for the range of companion animals sizes seen in general practice.

X-Mind DC

The Acteon X-Mind dental radiographic generator combines high image definition with safety. When used with a digital sensor, radiographic exposure is further decreased thereby providing exceptional staff and patient safety.