VDS Consumables

VDS offers a full range of consumables designed specifically for veterinary dentistry. This range includes a full range of dental x-ray consumables, prophy supplies, protective wear and maintenance products. Dental x-ray consumables include sensor sleeves for DR sensors as well as a phosphor plate holder, plates and covers for our PSPIX CR system. As well as standard prophy products, VDS supplies recyclable prophy brushes and natural flour of pumice providing chemical free and more effective cleaning. VDS supplies high quality medical/surgical grade level 2 masks with CE and FDA approval as well as full face shields to ensure maximum protection during dental procedures. To ensure longevity of dental handpieces and instruments, VDS has all the products necessary to effectively clean and maintain them.

VDS Prophy Consumables

pod Flour of Pumice

pod Prophy Brushes

pod Prophy Cups

Prophy Angles

Maintenance and Cleaning Consumables

Pana Max Handpiece Cleaner and Lubricator


VDS X-Ray Consumables

pod X-Ray Sensor Sleeves

Phosphor Plate Covers

Phosphor Plates

CR Plate Holder

VDS Protective Wear

Dental power scaling produces a bacterial aerosol sphere with a radius of up to 2m. Staff within this zone are at risk of being infected with aerosolised bacteria through inhalation or conjunctival contact. Designated protective wear should be worn during all dental procedures including manual cleaning of dental instruments. Eye protection is also important as it helps to prevent conjunctival infection from splatter and foreign bodies such as calculus. Full Face Shields provide protection for the eyes, nostrils and mouth as well as preventing face touching with contaminated gloved hands. High quality medical/surgical masks should ideally be worn under a face shield as an extra barrier against splatter to ensure maximum protection during dental procedures. For restorative procedures requiring a curing light, wearing UV protective glasses is a must.

pod Face Masks

pod Face Shields

pod UV Protective Glasses