Petosan Veterinary Dental Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

VDS Petosan Toothbrushes

The PETOSAN range has been specially designed by a team of Scandinavian dentists, veterinarians and a leading toothbrush manufacturer. The innovative range of products is veterinary only and consists of patented double headed toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental kits. These are all designed to enable optimal brushing of companion animal’s teeth with minimum effort.

The patented PETOSAN toothbrush simplifies brushing enabling more pet owners to clean their pet’s teeth. With its unique doubled headed angled design, both sides of the teeth are cleaned at once enabling quicker and easier brushing.

PETOSAN dental kits are designed to help start the tooth brushing process and contain a finger cloth, brush and toothpaste in a convenient case. The clever packaging provides an attractive and eye catching addition to the clinic that will help promote oral hygiene and the importance of dental care.

Petosan Puppy Kit

Petosan Complete Dental Kit
(Small, Medium and Large)

Petosan Dental Kit
(Small, Medium and Large)

Petosan Finger Cloth

Petosan Toothbrush for Pets
(Toy, Small, Medium and Large)

Petosan Silent Power Toothbrush for Pets

Petosan Toothpate for Pets

Petosan Starter Kit