Your Destination for Everything Dental

Veterinary Dental Supplies (VDS) originated in New Zealand.We have offices in the U.S.A. and the U.K. VDS was created for the growing needs of veterinary practices requiring quality veterinary dental products and education. VDS is Your Destination For Everything Dental offering a comprehensive range of quality dental equipment and supplies for both companion animal and equine veterinarians.

Changing the Future of Veterinary Dentistry

At VDS we are passionate about veterinary dentistry and we are on a mission to inspire vets to provide the highest possible standard of dentistry to the animal’s under their care. Our vision is to create real change in the most common and entirely preventable animal welfare issue in companion animals and horses today – periodontal disease. Our vision is what drives us to bring you the latest, most innovative veterinary dental equipment, products and education from around the world.

Making Dentistry More Enjoyable

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality equipment that will make your dental procedures quicker, easier and ultimately more enjoyable. Our dental range covers everything required from basic to specialist dental procedures and includes dental x-ray, dental machines, instruments and a comprehensive range of consumables. All VDS equipment is backed by extensive manufacturer guarantees, experienced local service agents and knowledgeable customer service.

At the Forefront of Innovation

As well as bringing you the latest most innovative products from around the world, we manufacture our own pod instrument range, hand crafted in New Zealand specifically for companion animal and equine dentistry. Developed with leading veterinary dental specialists and experts, all pod instruments have a five year manufacturer’s guarantee and are responsibly manufactured through a unique recycling programme.

Delivering Products with Results

Our products have been tried, tested and endorsed by some of the world’s most prominent veterinary dental specialists. These include the unique, highly effective and ever popular Maxiguard® oral cleansing range; the Petosan range of dental kits, with their patented double headed toothbrushes and a range of specialist dental products, such as Sanos Dental Sealant, Guided Bone Regeneration Products, Local Antimicrobials, Haemostatics and more.

Raising Standards Through Education

Oral pathology is one of the most commonly diagnosed health problems in companion animals and horses. Every day we see many diseases that should have been prevented, treated or managed. We believe that education is key to raising the standard of veterinary dentistry and creating real change. VDS provides many education formats such as in-clinic training sessions and workshops, workshops at VDEC and online training videos and webinars. As a proud sponsor of the NZVA equine dental education programme, VDS supports practical equine dental workshops by providing quality equine instruments and equipment for these workshops.

Growing Dentistry in Your Practice

We work with your entire team to benchmark, motivate and educate your staff to implement a clinically excellent and profitable dental programme. We then work with your staff long term to keep your practice growing through education and in-clinic wet labs.