About us

Veterinary Dental Supplies (VDS) is a New Zealand owned and operated veterinary dental supply company, which was created for the growing needs of New Zealand veterinary practices requiring quality veterinary dental products and education. We are the only dedicated veterinary dental supplier in New Zealand.

The VDS team focuses on growing dentistry in your business.

We work with your entire team to benchmark, motivate and educate your staff to implement a clinically excellent and profitable dental practice in your clinic. We then work with your staff long term to keep your practice growing through education and in-clinic wet labs. As your dental practice grows, we provide the equipment, products, and consumables needed to provide the best quality care possible.

Veterinary Dental Supplies company values

At VDS we have living values that aim to:

• Reduce periodontal disease in companion animals under your care.
• Provide equine dental equipment and training to protect animal welfare.
• Unify veterinary teams to provide the highest possible standards of veterinary dentistry.
• Be guided by Veterinary Dental Specialists to provide valuable education programs.
•Supply the best quality equipment, products, and consumables from around the world.
• Provide regional local service centres for equipment

Product Overview

VDS offers a comprehensive range of companion animal and equine veterinary dental equipment including Ultima and Inovadent dental units and scalers; the Acteon range of DR and CR dental radiography systems and a full range of power and manual equine dentistry tools. We also supply the VetCAT, an advanced CT scanner which is perfect for veterinary dentistry. For peace of mind, this equipment is all backed up by local service agents who are experienced and efficient in getting your equipment up and running again.

To ensure dental procedures are as quick and easy as possible, we provide a full range of quality Cislak and Universal hand instruments.

Homecare products are an essential part of any successful dental program and VDS supply the popular and highly effective Maxiguard of oral cleansers as well as the PETOSAN range of dental kits, patented double headed toothbrushes and toothpaste.

We provide a range of specialist dental products, such as Sanos dental sealant, Guided bone regeneration productslocal antimicrobial and many more. Our full range of dental consumables includes burs, scaler tips, prophy requirements, personal protection and endodontic materials.

Because general practice clinics only use expensive restorative and pulp therapy items infrequently, we provide a vital pulp therapy kit which contains all the necessary tools, equipment, and consumables your clinic needs to complete the procedure.

Our electronic Veterinary Dental Charts  were developed in conjunction with dental specialist Dr David E. Clarke and are quick and easy to use with features both your staff and clients will love. Designed to meet clinical, legislative and clients needs, they follow best practice dental processes and will significantly improve your clinic’s dental practices.

Message from CEO

With so many companies providing veterinary dental diets, products, and equipment, why is periodontal disease in companion animals still so high? As I visited veterinary clinics & conferences around the world I began to see that New Zealand appeared to be 15 – 20 years behind the U.S and Europe in the field of veterinary dentistry. Talking to many veterinarians, a picture of a lack of education and understanding became clear. In 2015 we decided to do something about it and started VDS to provide the equipment, products, and education to New Zealand veterinarians so that they could improve care and grow revenue.