Veterinary Dental Instrument Sets

VDS Instrument Sets

Instrument sets are the most economical way to set up a clinic or replace a number of instruments. pod instrument sets include complete sets for both small and large practices, a range of elevator sets as well as root fragment, periodontal and rabbit sets. pod instrument sets contain instruments specially designed for veterinary dentistry with innovative features such as front and back curved tips to fit the caudal and rostral curves of single rooted teeth.

All pod instruments have a five year manufacturer’s guarantee and are responsibly manufactured through a unique recycling programme. The blades and tips are made from surgical quality stainless steel to facilitate precise and effortless extraction while the ergonomic handles are made from recycled stainless steel. This recycled stainless steel is sourced from old instruments and we welcome you to help us to care for our environment by sending us your old instruments.

VDS Instrument Set Range

pod Root Fragment Set

pod Periodontal Set

pod Canine Elevator Set

pod Feline Elevator Set

pod Complete Elevator Set

pod Large Clinic Dental Instrument Set

pod Small Clinic Dental Instrument Set

pod Luxator Set