Haemostatic Gauze

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A natural plant based absorbable haemostatic made up of oxidized regenerated cellulose, designed to stop capillary, venous and minor arterial bleeding. Features the following:

Haemostasis within 3 – 4 minutes
Low pH creates bactericidal environment
Completely absorbed within 7–14 days
Can be cut into any desired dimension without fraying
Applied dry and either laid on, held against or wrapped around a bleeding surface
High flexibility and drapability
Full absorption at the site of application without tissue reaction

12 pieces per box. Each piece 10 x 20cm (4 x 8 in).

Other sizes available: 5 x 35cm; 5 x 7.5cm and 1.25 x 5cm. Please contact us for pricing.




Apply directly to dried bleeding area or organ either by gentle pressure, attaching it with a stitch, sewing it onto a tissue or an organ or using it as a form of tamponade.

It acts locally and stops bleeding usually within 3-4 minutes, depending on the type of surgery and intensity of bleeding. It is perfectly absorbable and does not need to be removed from  application site.