Equine Cheek Teeth Instruments

VDS Equine Cheek Teeth Instruments

The pod range of equine cheek teeth instruments has been specially designed to aid in the removal of equine molar teeth. These include spreaders for breaking down the periodontal ligament and hastening the extraction process, a range of extraction forceps to facilitate extraction of caps in younger horses and worn down molars in geriatric horses as well as fragment forceps for retrieval of leftover roots and fragments after molar extraction. Most equine cheek teeth can be removed intra orally, however, when a surgical approach through the cheek is required, the pod buccotomy kit has all the essential hand instruments for a successful extra oral extraction.

All pod equine molar teeth instruments are handcrafted in New Zealand from high quality stainless steel and are specifically designed for equine dentistry. Provided with a five year warranty and local service.

VDS Intra Oral Cheek Teeth Instruments

pod Standard Spreaders

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pod Mesial Spreaders

pod 3 Prong Extraction Forceps

Pod 4 Prong Extraction Forceps

pod Straight Extraction Forceps

pod Cap Extraction Forceps

pod Standard Fragment Forcep

pod Kimberlin Fragment Forceps

pod Duckbill Extraction Forceps

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pod Kimberlin Root Fragment Elevator Set

VDS Bucottomy Set