Veterinary Dental Handpieces

VDS High Speed Handpieces

High speed handpieces are used with FG burs for sectioning teeth, removing alveolar bone for extractions and preparing teeth for restorative and endodontic work. The pod range of high speed handpieces has been designed specifically for veterinary dentistry and available in unique shapes and sizes that enable easy access to the small confines of the companion animal oral cavity. pod high speed handpieces are premium quality rotary instruments that are robust and reliable.

VDS Low Speed Handpieces

A low speed handpiece is a critical requirement for any dental system and is used for polishing as well as advanced restorative, endodontic and orthodontic procedures. The low speed motor is paired with either a low speed contra angle that accepts RA burs, polishing tools and sanding discs or a straight nose cone for HP burs. The pod range of low speed handpieces is designed specifically for veterinary dentistry and is available with increasing and decreasing ratios to meet the varying speeds required for veterinary dentistry. pod low speed handpieces are premium quality, robust and reliable.