Veterinary Dental Endodontics, Restoratives and Orthodontics

VDS Veterinary Dental Endodontic, Restoratives and Orthodontic Supplies

VDS offers a wide range of materials and instruments for veterinary dental endodontic, restorative and orthodontic procedures.

VDS Range of Endodontic Products

Companion animal teeth are very different to human teeth and require longer length and more flexible files and instruments for endodontic procedures. The pod range of specialist products and instruments are designed to cover the special requirements of veterinary endodontic procedures

pod H Files

pod K Files

pod K Reamers

pod Barbed Broaches

Project Manager

pod Paper Points

pod Gutta Percha

Calcium Hydroxide Paste

Calcium Hydroxide Paste – Light Cure

Bio Dentine

Glass Ionomer

Injectable Glass Ionomer

Root Canal File Lubricant

VDS Restoratives Range

VDS offers a complete range of restorative supplies and instruments for use in the restoration of tooth fractures, enamel hypoplasia, and cavities. A restorative loan kit is also available for those practitioners who perform restorative procedures infrequently.

pod Restorative Hire Kit

pod Veterinary Dental Acid Etch

pod Veterinary Dental Bond

pod Flowable Composite

pod Solid Composite

pod Glass Ionomer

pod Injectable Glass Ionomer

pod Non-Shedding Dental Micro Brushes

pod Composite Placing Instrument

pod Composite Sanding Discs

pod Veterinary Dental Curing Light

pod UV Protection Glasses

VDS Orthodontic Range

VDS offers orthodontic chain and bondable buttons for use in moving teeth to create a functional pain-free bite.

Orthodontic Buttons

Orthodontic Tension Chain