pod Veterinary Periosteal Elevator

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The pod periosteal elevator has been specially developed for veterinary dental use. The unique design, with lightly curved and rounded blades, allows mucogingival flaps to be raised without tearing tissue. The pod perisoteal may also be used to create an initial opening for an elevator in the extraction process.


The pod peritosteal elevator is used to lift full thickness soft tissue flaps off the bone when performing surgical extractions. Flaps make it easy to visualise the area of interest during multiple extractions, particularly cat teeth, and in the creation of sliding flaps and other flaps in periodontal and oral surgery.

Remember that pod Instruments will recycle your old instruments. When you send us your old dental or surgical instruments the stainless steel is recycled and used to make the handles of brand new pod veterinary dental instruments. Help us by acting responsibly to care for our environment.