Veterinary Dental Periodontal Instruments

VDS Periodontal Instruments

Periodontal instruments such as scalers and curettes are used for cleaning debris from the tooth. Scalers are used for removing deposits from the crown of the tooth, while curettes are used subgingivally to remove debris from the root of the tooth. Some curettes are also useful for smoothing bone after extraction.

pod periodontal instruments are quality instruments hand crafted in New Zealand. They have a five year manufacturer’s guarantee and are responsibly manufactured through a unique recycling programme. The blades and tips are made from surgical quality stainless steel to facilitate precise and effortless extraction while the ergonomic handles are made from recycled stainless steel. This recycled stainless steel is sourced from old instruments and we welcome you to help us to care for our environment by sending us your old instruments.

Veterinary Dental Scalers

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