VDS Ultrasounds

A Range of Ultrasounds from Entry Level to Specialist

Veterinary ultrasounds are fast, non-invasive and useful for evaluating internal organs, tendons and soft tissues as well as diagnosing pregnancy.

The Sonoscape range provides exceptional image quality at a competitive price, incorporating the latest technology with an ergonomic design for user friendly, fast workflows. The systems provide outstanding image resolution and functionality, enabling diagnosis of the subtlest pathology and with their durability are exceptional value for busy clinics.

Available in laptop or cart design. The laptop style combines the latest technology in a lightweight, portable design making them ideal for those needing space saving or portable solutions. The carts are beautifully designed with a small footprint, large HD screens and a range of high-end probes covering all sonography requirements.

VDS Ultrasound Range

Ultrasound Cart

E2V Ultrasound

E3V Ultrasound

Equine Ultrasound

Pro Pet 60

Pro Pet 70

Pro Pet 80