VDS Thermoreversible Gel

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VDS Thermoreversible Gel is used as a vehicle to introduce Doxycycline (for dogs) and Clindamycin (for cats) into dental pockets and to fill pocket voids.

Available as a pack with two syringes- antimicrobial (Doxycycline or Clindamycin) in one syringe and gel in the other.



VDS Thermoreversible Gel is a biodegradable inert substance with thermally reversible properties. It is non-toxic, tasteless and odourless. When cold it is a liquid and quickly forms a gel at room or body temperature. It will form a liquid again if refrigerated. This property means that when applied cold to dental pockets or abscesses, it runs into small gaps before reverting to its gel form. In this form, it can remain in place for extended periods of time allowing increased contact time with drugs introduced with it. The gel is bio-adhesive to mucous membranes, which enhances this contact time. The length of time the gel remains in place will vary depending on what medications it is mixed with, where it goes and how much volume is used. VDS Thermoreversible Gel also promotes water dissolution and stabilisation of included drugs and has been shown to facilitate collagen synthesis and microcirculation. It has no known drug interactions and if swallowed it is excreted 84.5% unchanged in urine. It is made from a substance called poloxamer which comprises hydrophilic ethylene oxide and lipophilic propylene oxide. This is dissolved in water at 40% ratio for veterinary use.

 Dental Use

VDS Thermoreversible Gel provides a vehicle for introducing Doxycycline (dogs) or Clindamycin (cats) into dental pockets and it also fills pocket voids. Doxycycline stimulates the fibroblasts within the epithelial wall and in turn provides re-attachment to the cementum, assuming the endotoxins and debris have been curetted adequately.

The product is supplied as a pack with two syringes – one with 0.5 ml of VDS Thermoreversible Gel, and the other with 42mg of either Doxycycline or Clindamycin. The antimicrobial and gel are mixed together and then this mixed product is applied to dental pockets or voids.

How To Mix VDS Thermoreversible Gel

Mix the Doxycycline powder with the gel no more than 72 hours before it is to be used and return to the fridge until needed. It is best to add the Doxycycline powder to another syringe and tap it. Connect the two syringes using the supplied joiner and mix by pumping from syringe to syringe at least 10 times until mixed.

The product should be taken from the fridge at the last possible moment and applied using a cold large bore needle. All application equipment used should be cold and avoid placing your hand on the syringe directly over where the gel is. If the product sets too quickly, return it to the refrigerator again.

• Mixed product should be used within 72 hours

• Unmixed gel has a shelf life of 6 months.

• When applied to dental pockets, the gel will degrade in 5 – 10 days depending on pocket size.

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5ml VDS Thermoreversible Gel, 5ml VDS Thermoreversible Gel + Clindamycin, 5ml VDS Thermoreversible Gel + Doxycycline, 250g Jar VDS Thermoreversible Gel