Power Scalers and Accessories

VDS Powered Scaling

Ultrasonic scalers are used to remove plaque and calculus from teeth by application of an ultrasonic vibrating tip to the tooth surface. VDS offers a complete range of ultrasonic scalers from basic through to state-of-the-art Acteon scalers which use the patented and never competed with Newtron technology. All our ultrasonic scalers feature rapid and effective removal of calculus, a range of tips to allow supragingival and subgingival scaling, minimal heat generation for preservation of tissue and ergonomic and autoclavable handpieces for comfort and hygiene.

VDS Scaler Range

VDS Veterinary Dental LED Scaler

VDS NEWTRON® P5 BLED from Acteon


VDS NEWTRON® P5 XS BLED Bluetooth from Acteon

Scaler Tips for VDS Scaler

G1 Scaler tip

G2 Scaler Tip

G3 Scaler Tip

G4 Scaler Tip

G5 Scaler Tip

G6 Scaler Tip

G7 Scaler Tip

G8 Scaler Tip

p1 Subgingival Tip

Acteon Scaler Tips

Acteon Heavy Calculus
Scaler Tip

Acteon Universal
Scaler Tip

Acteon Subgingival
Scaler Tip

Scaler Tips for Inovadent Units

Piezo Klaw Tip 1

Piezo Klaw Tip 2

Piezo Klaw Tip 3

Piezo klaw Tip 4