Terafloat Equine Dental Power Float

Terafloat Reliable Power, Gentle Treatment

Terafloat Powerful, lightweight and Durable

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the TERAFLOAT combines 15 years of experience with precise Swiss engineering.

The adjustable head angles, lightweight design and the optiopn of built in LED lighting make the Terafloat a pleasure to use all day.

Call 0800 326 315 to book a trial unit.

VDS Terafloat Range

Image of terafloat base set

Terafloat Basic Plus Set

Terafloat Standard Set

Terafloat Flex Set

Terafloat Spare Motor

Terafloat Burs

Apple Core Bur

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Terafloat Rotary Head

Terafloat Diastema Bur

Terafloat Large Cylindrical Bur