VDS Portable Equine X-Ray Generators

1.6 KW Portable Equine X-ray Generator

The VDS Equine X-Ray Generator is a multi-functional portable X-ray machine. The small size, light weight and smart functions make it perfect for equine use.

Features of the Generator

Small and Lightweight

8 kilos

5 Programable Factors

Quick and Efficient

Wired or Wireless Control

Bluetooth enabled

Ultrasonic Ranging

Quick and Precise

Technical Specifications

ModelBattery Powered 1.6 KW Equine X-Ray Generator
Power Supply110 – 240 V AC
Battery16.8V DC
Power1.6 KW
KV Range40 – 90
mAs Range0.1 – 32
mA Range10 – 32
Ranging ModeUltrasonic
Communication ModeRS232 / Bluetooth
ExposureWired or Wireless
Focal Spot0.8mm
Anode Angle20 Degrees
Size313mm X 238mm X 187mm

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