Acteon Sopix Inside

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Includes Sopro veterinary dental viewing software

With proven quality and reliability, the SOPIX® Inside offers a premium quality image at a very affordable price. This is the most advanced solution of the SOPIX® series.



The Sopix Inside DR x-ray sensor communicates with the X-Mind Unity and stops radiation generation as soon as the sensor has a perfect image. This can reduce radiation exposure from traditional methods by up to 50%. The Sopix Inside paired with the X-Mind Unity is the safest system available.
The sensor is a result of years of research into the specific needs of veterinary dentistry and incorporates patented ACE® technology with a fibre optic-based CMOS chip. ACE® technology is available on all SOPIX® series sensors and controls the amount of radiation accumulated by the sensor, freezing the image acquisition as soon as it receives the necessary radiation which ensures all images are optimal and never overexposed.

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Sopix Inside, Sopix ii Inside