Piezo Klaw Tip 1

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A universal small instrument with a curved scaler tip designed for root surfaces. This curette design will eliminate repetitive motion injuries from hand scaling and is useful for subgingival soft tissue curettage.

  • Curette style tip
  • Universal
  • Useful for soft tissue curettage
  • Subgingival scaling just under the gum line



Ultrasonic vibrations coupled with precision Klaw tips will effectively clean the teeth and periodontal tissues of veterinary dental patients.  Use a feather like touch and let the tips do the work!


  • Cleans deep developmental grooves in dog and cat teeth, removes calculus deposits, discolouration and eliminates bacterial plaque
  • Reduces the need for manual instruments
  • Used for subgingival scaling (Klaw Tips 1 & 4)
  • Designed by a veterinarian specifically for the veterinary industry
  • Tips are small and easy to thread onto piezoelectric scaler handpiece
  • Provides patient comfort
  • Various tips available