Imaging and Technological Advancement Provides Opportunity To Improve The Lives of The Pets Under Our Care…

Periodontal disease is still widespread despite all we do.

Periodontal disease is still present in 90% of companion animals over three years of age. This has remained constant for the last ten years, according to WSAVA it represents the most widespread animal welfare issue in companion animals today today.

Is it time to change the way we do things?

Far too often, when we look at a patient’s records retrospectively, a dental procedure has been recommended repeatedly, without the pet owner taking action until the dental issue has become such a problem that extraction is the only treatment option available. Furthermore, many clients say, “if they had only known, they would never have let their beloved pet’s mouth get so bad.” This would indicate that the current way we communicate with clients is not sending a clear message about the importance of their pet’s oral health nor is it prompting them to take action.

How do we fit all this in?

From the very first visit, owners need to be taught the importance of daily oral homecare and regular professional cleanings in maintaining their pet’s oral health. Whenever a patient is seen, be it for a vaccination, skin, ear or any other presenting problem, a thorough oral examination should be incorporated into the physical examination. This will not only help in detecting dental disease early, but it will foster a new generation of pet owners who will view dental care as part of good overall care and who will come to expect a report on their pet’s mouth as much as they expect a vaccination. The real question is how do we fit all that into the time we have?

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Fred R Barnard

New technology allows us to convey everything to the client with a picture. The advanced Ai from D.A.V.I.D. provides a detailed report of visual pathology in the mouth. This provides the information to the client quickly and in a compelling way.

Clinics use this technology to transform their dental program. An image of the pets mouth is taken as part of the check in process. The image with the analysis is transfered via the cloud to the consultation room.

According to Dr Garcia this has transformed their dental business for his clinics. “Almost everybody is booking in for dental procedures.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words Adaptix images are worth millions!

Now we have all these images how do we use them?

Technology steps up again. Each image is analized by an advanced Ai to highlight pathology as we scroll them covering the entire oral cavity in seconds.

D.A.V.I.D Ai has complete descriptions, best practice treatment options and Felix, the periodontal catbot to answer all your questions on dental disease.

Now you have great diagnostic images start using new innovative techniques to save teeth

Advanced imaging gives opportunity to perform new and innovative treatments such as pocket and furcation repair.

What about a home care, how do we control what happens outside of our care?

Technology again provides support to pet owners. The same Ai technology is available as My Pet Dental Check. Owners can take images of their pets mouth and the Ai picks up visible pathology. It will monitor periodontal disease, tartar and a number of common pathologies prompting owners to take action or return to the veterinarian.

Pet owner education, practical care tips and prompting to return to the veterinarian to discuss at home care drives owners back into clinics. Improving the quality of care and clinical outcomes by extending our sphere of influence outside of the clinic.


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