pod 4mm Front Curved Elevator

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The 4mm front curved elevator has been designed for extracting incisors and canines in medium to large dogs. The gentle front curve fits the rostral aspect of single rooted teeth.



pod standard & winged elevators are designed for use in veterinary extraction procedures. Elevators are used with a steady gentle rotational pressure for 10 to 30 seconds to stress the periodontal ligament and cause haemorrhage amongst its fibres, releasing the tooth particles from the aveolar bone. As the space develops, the elevator is pressed further apically along the tooth, using a slow twisting action on the instrument. Excess force can be avoided with the correct technique. This involves holding the jaw in one hand while using a correctly fitted elevator in the other hand and the index finger placed down the shaft to prevent slippage. This is important, especially with bone structures of questionable stability (caused by periodontal disease and bone loss) which are susceptible to fracture. pod winged elevators should not be used in a levered action since their function is to sever the ligament by sliding around the root. Once the tooth becomes loose, the elevator can be pressed to the bottom of the alveolus and leverage can then be used to remove the tooth.

Remember that pod Instruments will recycle your old instruments. When you send us your old dental or surgical instruments the stainless steel is recycled and used to make the handles of brand new pod veterinary dental instruments. Help us by acting responsibly to care for our environment.

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