MAXIGUARD 14 Day Pre-Mixed Doses

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A 14 day course of pre-mixed MAXIGUARD® oral gel with an easy to use gun applicator.  MAXIGUARD® oral gel  contains Zinc which is antibacterial and Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production and aids gingival repair for treatment of periodontal pockets.  MAXIGUARD is a “professional strength” product whose unique zinc ascorbate formula is very effective in treating periodontal disease and aiding healing of:

Bit sores
Extraction sites
Oral injuries
Irritations after floating
Gum inflammation

“I also dispense Oral Gel to owners with horses that have bit sores. It seems to give the horse almost immediate relief from dis­comfort which allows continued training while the lesions heal. There is no product on the market [human or veterinary] that I have found that performs as well on oral le­sions as MAXI/GUARD Gel”.

Jack Easley, DVM, MS
Shelbyville, Kentucky


Instructions for Application.

Apply sparingly daily for 14 days to affected area.

Instructions for Storage.

This product is premixed and light sensitive and has a shelf life of approximately 6 months providing it is stored away from light. Storing in a refrigerator is ideal. MAXIGUARD® features a unique product freshness indicator through natural colour change. The product is fresh and efficacious as long as the colour remains blue or green. A brown or yellow colour indicates the product, although safe, is no longer fresh and efficacious.