Inovadent Versa Cart

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Manufactured in the USA, the Inovadent Versa Cart features:
Push button high speed handpiece with fibre-optics
Low speed handpiece
Air/water syringe with autoclavable tip
Piezoelectric scaler
KLAW scaler tips – 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6
JUN-AIR Compressor, 6 gallon
Foot pedal operated vacuum system
Quick release water bottles

Provided with a comprehensive 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.



Ready For Dentistry

The Inovadent Versa Cart features:

  • Dual Water System with quick relief valve
  • Auxillary Water Port for additional scaler
  • Air Purge for Lines & Handpieces
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • High Speed Water Coolant Toggle
  • Adjustable Flow Control
  • Durable Cabinet with powder coat finish
  • Easy Handpiece Pressure Adjust
  • Aseptic Tubing
  • Aseptic Handpiece Holders
  • Rugged castors for easy rolling

Everything you need is supplied including a complete dental starter kit containing:

• 10 x Twist2it™ disposable Prophy Angles

• 1 x 50 g jar Flour of Pumice Prophy Paste

• Magnetic Bur Block and Cover

• 6 x Burs

• Ultra Scale Solution

• Bio Lube™ Cleaner & Lubricant

• JUN-AIR® Compressor Oil (If oil compressor)



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Base Cart, LED Base Cart, Base Cart + Scaler, LED Base Cart + Scaler, LED Base Cart + Scaler + Suction