Maintenance, Cleaning and Lubrication

Maintaining your instruments and equipment is important. Well maintained equipment will last for years and cleaning and sterilising should be performed between each use.

Domina Autoclave

The Domina autoclave is a real work horse which is renowned for its extraordinary reliability, excellent loading capacity, ease of use and advanced sterilisation. It effectively sterilises without causing premature instrument damage often associated with low quality autoclaves. Costs are lowered through its energy efficiency; and minimal maintenance and repairs. There are variable programmable cycles with a rapid 20 minutes cycle and the ability to store data from every cycle for traceability.

Cold Instrument Sterilisation


OROLIN MULTISPET PLUS is an economical liquid concentrate for immersion disinfection and cleaning of dental (and medical) instruments. OROLIN MULTISEPT PLUS is highly effective without fixating blood and proteins and is free of aldehydes, phenols and anticorrosive agents prolonging instrument lifespan.

Handpiece Cleaning & Lubrication

All-In-One Cleaner & Lubricator

All-in-One degreaser, cleaner and lubricating conditioner. The unique formula contains high temperature silicon to prevent damage to bearings during autoclaving.