Equine Dental Diagnostic Instruments

VDS Equine Diagnostic Instruments are made in the USA and Australia from high quality stainless steel and are specifically designed for equine dentistry. The range of instruments covers all equine dentistry needs and is locally serviced in New Zealand.

Equine Diagnostic Kit

The Equine Diagnostic Kit contains all the essential tools for equine dental diagnosis.

Kit contains:

  • The Edge Equine™ Mouth Mirror
  • Replacement Mouth Mirror
  • The Edge Equine™ Dental Pick
  • VDP Equine Periodontal Pick with 3 Needle Picks
  • 30cm (12 in) Alligator Forceps
  • Periodontal Probe
  • Explorer
  • Carrying Case

pod Equine Dental Mirror

Specially designed for equine dentistry, the 410 mm POD Equine Mouth Mirror has a T handle and is rigid enough to hold the tongue aside during examination. It features a 35 mm diameter oval mirror and is provided with one replacement mirror.

pod Equine Dental Probe

Stainless steel periodontal probe with long handle and large size designed for equine dental examination. Banded to measure pulp chambers and pockets.

pod Equine Dental Explorer

Made from stainless steel, the long 381 mm (15 in) equine dental explorer is a rigid instrument designed to explore and probe the crown of equine teeth during the inspection and diagnostic process.

pod Equine Dental Alligator Forceps

Alligator forceps are a handy tool to aid in removal of impacted food. Measuring 30 cm (12 in) in length these forceps are specifically designed to access the equine oral cavity.

pod Equine Periodontal Pick

Improved from standard periodontal instruments, the equine periodontal pick has an extended handle. The 43 cm equine dental pick is made from premium quality stainless steel.

Available with three or six spare pick heads.