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At Veterinary Dental Supplies (VDS) we are passionate about veterinary dentistry and are on a mission to inspire vets to provide the highest possible standard of dental care. Our vision is to create real change in the most common and entirely preventable animal welfare issue in companion animals and horses today – periodontal disease. Our vision is what drives us to bring you the latest, most innovative veterinary dental equipment, products and education from around the world.

VDS provides an extensive selection of dental equipment tailored for companion animals and horses. The range is suitable for any veterinary setting, from small clinics to multi-site and specialist dental practices.

Companion Animal

Our durable dental machines are designed to meet the intensive requirements of veterinary dentistry and encompass everything from essential dental units to advanced specialist consoles. Our top-quality European-made digital dental radiography systems simplify the process of capturing high-quality dental X-rays. We ensure your confidence with comprehensive manufacturer warranties and reliable local support for all our dental units and X-ray systems.

Exclusively crafted in New Zealand, our VDS pod instrument range is specifically engineered for companion animal dentistry and comes with a five-year guarantee. Additionally, VDS provides an extensive assortment of consumables, including multi-use burs, prophy supplies, protective gear, local antimicrobials, haemostatics, bone grafts and much more.

A successful dental care program requires effective homecare products. VDS offers the Maxiguard line of oral cleansers and the Petosan collection, which includes patented double-headed toothbrushes, dental kits, and toothpaste, to maintain oral health between veterinary visits.

For veterinary professionals looking to enhance their dental care services, VDS presents a comprehensive selection of endodontic and restorative dental products, helping you elevate the standard of care in your practice.

VDS Size 4 Digital Dental Sensor

CMOS technology with an ergonomic design able to adapt easily the anatomy of the oral cavity. The VDS size 4 sensor is an innovative, flexible, very resistant sensor able to produce high quality images. The sensor is enabled with the worlds most advanced veterinary dental Ai that transforms workflow and patient owner uptake.

“VDS has been a pleasure to deal with.  Highlights for us include prompt customer service,  great range of products and passion for providing the means for quality continuing education.  The company is well-connected within the veterinary community as well as the computer tech and engineering community which means product installation and troubleshooting is a breeze.  VDS has allowed us to set up our dental suite with high quality instrumentation within a specific budget.  The items we have purchased include the Sopix digital dental xray system,  a new dental console,  endodontic instrumentation and numerous consumable items,  all of which have a focus on sustainability which is important to us.   Highly recommended.” 

Dr Marcella Cassiani Lowe


Image of equine dental instruments


Ensuring regular, top-notch dental care is crucial for the overall health, performance, and well-being of horses, and it also plays a vital role in strengthening client relationships. At Veterinary Dental Supplies (VDS), we offer an extensive selection of equine dental equipment, tools, and products tailored to support the delivery of premier equine dentistry. Developed in collaboration with veterinary equine dental professionals, our products are designed for user-friendliness, efficiency, and promoting animal welfare.

VDS stands behind the quality of its equipment with solid guarantees. Our New Zealand-made pod equine instruments come with a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee, underscored by local support and an instrument sharpening service. Emphasizing sustainability, we strive to manufacture our equine instruments responsibly, utilizing a unique recycling program that repurposes stainless steel from old tools to create new instrument handles. We encourage you to join us in our environmental conservation efforts by participating in our instrument recycling initiative.

“Since March 2020, I have purchased multiple equine dental instruments from Veterinary Dental supplies. The Pod instruments are of a high quality and beautifully crafted. From explorer probes, periodontal probes and mirrors through to custom made wolf tooth extractors, Ian can match pretty much any request for an instrument. The Terafloat is absolute elegance combined with a whole lot of tough all in the one piece. Ian and Karen are great to deal with, respond to emails promptly and orders always arrive within 48 hours. VDS is also passionate about supporting veterinary dentistry in New Zealand with continuing education plans for the future.

It is great to have such a great range of quality dental instruments available to us here in New Zealand and I cannot recommend Veterinary Dental Supplies enough.”

Dr Nicola McDonald




Revolutionary palliative treatment for osteosarcoma as an alternative to invasive surgery or amputation.

Not Just Dental

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General X-ray

X-ray image of tibial osteosarcoma in a dog

Bone Graft

Equine X-ray