Veterinary Dental Prophy Supplies

VDS has a range of unique prophy products such as Flour of Pumice, a natural cleaning agent which avoids the use of chemically loaded prophy pastes that can interfere with procedures such as Sanos application and acid etching. Our recyclable prophy brushes with latex-free nylon bristles are gentler on gums and more flexible allowing easier access subgingivally to remove debris from pockets, fissures and grooves. Our Prophy Kit contains all the items necessary for you to start providing natural and environmentally sustainable prophylaxis in your practice. But if that doesn’t rock your boat, we also supply disposable latex-free prophy cups and angles!

Flour of Pumice

A natural cleaning agent which is mildly abrasive and used for prophylaxis and polishing. Pumice Flour is free of flavouring agents, oils or fluoride and leaves no residue making it ideal for a number of procedures including cleaning the tooth surface prior to Sanos application and acid etching procedures.

Prophy Brushes

Unlike standard single use plastic and rubber prophy cups, VDS prophy brushes are recyclable. At VDS we are passionate about doing our bit to save the planet. Simply return a full jar of used brushes to us when you reorder and we will ensure they are recycled.

The latex-free nylon bristles on the brushes are gentler on gums and more flexible. The flexibility of the bristles allows easier access subgingivally to remove debris from pockets, as well as occlusal fissures and grooves, without harsh scraping or damage.VDS prophy brushes are designed to be used with natural pumice, avoiding the use of chemically loaded prophy pastes. VDS prophy brushes are also excellent for polishing composite restorations.

Prophy Cups

Latex Free Disposable Prophy Cups

  • Latex free
  • Premium quality
  • 8.5mm (standard)
  • Ribbed and webbed
  • Soft for maximum flare

Disposable Prophy Angles

AllPro’s disposable angles with non-latex prophy cups have built a reputation for reliability.  This remarkable angle combines high-strength plastic components and a gear design that delivers maximum torque and continuous, vibration free operation.

  • Disposable Prophy Angle non-latex cups
  • Soft purple square ribbed and webbed
  • High-strength plastic components
  • Maximum torque and continuous,vibration free operation
  • Supplied in boxes of 100 or 500

VDS Prophy Set

Set yourself up with a VDS Prophy Set and save $100 from the price of purchasing items individually.VDS Prophy Set Contains:

  • 1 x Lever Arch Contra Angle
  • 100 x Prophy Brushes or Cups
  • 1 x 50g Tub Pumice Flour