Vet Dental Charts

Dental charting is paramount to good dentistry and is necessary to comply with legislation. The dental chart is a permanent record of a patient’s dental pathologies, treatments and homecare instructions.  To complete the chart, a thorough oral examination with a periodontal probe and explorer must be conducted and each individual tooth is evaluated to find any defects, periodontal pockets, swellings, and lesions.  From there, appropriate treatment can be initiated and home care recommendations recorded.

Vet Dental Charts is a paperless canine and feline dental charting app, which is quick and easy to use. The charts follow best practice dental processes and have been specially developed in conjunction with veterinary dental specialists, general practitioners, technicians and vet nurses. The charts will allow you to confidently record pathology and treatment, print homecare instructions, record local nerve blocks, upload clinical photographs and mount radiographs using the AVDC approved mounting protocol. Pathologies are entered with a single click and multiple teeth may be selected at once if required. Each pathology has a diagnostic tool tip displaying a written summary, photo and radiograph which is accessed with one easy click. This educational tool has been developed by veterinary dental specialist, Dr David E. Clarke, to help with client education within the consult room and aid the veterinarian with diagnosis. Since records are paperless, they can’t be lost, don’t require scanning and can be easily saved to the client management record or printed as a permanent take home record for the client. The professional colour pathology and treatment printouts help clients understand their pet’s dental issues and the necessity of procedures performed or recommended. Taking the time to educate the owner in this way improves the uptake of homecare recommendations as well as aiding in justifying the cost of the dental procedure.

The app is cloud based and accessed through a web browser, such as Google Chrome,on any fixed or portable device in your clinic. Being cloud based means there is nothing to install on your computers and the charts are accessed quickly and easily without having to start any bulky applications on your computers. All your dental records are automatically backed up and kept safely in the cloud. If something terrible goes wrong with your computers, your records are safe and can be found just as you left them. Updating any software application can be a pain. And a lot more painful if something goes wrong. With Vet Dental Charts, software updates, upgrades and new features are added automatically so you never have to worry about them. Ever. New features and functionality will be added to the app from time to time. There is no need for you to do anything to access these, as the next time you log in the features will be there.

Recording Pathologies & Treatments

General Practice Use

In general veterinary practice, recording dental pathology and treatments can be difficult and time consuming. The vet dental charts have been designed to allow quick and accurate recording as well as helping with veterinarian education and client communication.

It is veterinary dental specialist best practice to score each tooth individually, but as a general practitioner you may not have the time to do so and if this is the case, the minimum recommendations for charting would be to record oral cavity quadrants. The charts can accommodate multiple tooth and quadrant selection, and in this situation all teeth selected would be given the score of the tooth with the highest score. Pathologies and treatments are pre-programmed with the correct American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) nomenclature and coding, however, as a general practice veterinarian, you may wish to use plain English (or any other language) labels. This is achieved using the custom pathologies and treatments tab.

As time is often critical and in short supply, the dental charts have a pro-forma text feature that allows common medication, restrictions, homecare and other instructions to be added so these come up automatically to save you time and effort. The pro-forma text is separate for each species.

A live demonstration, through Skype or Google hangouts, is the best way to see how to use the charts and how they can be customisable to suit your practice.

Request a demonstration: email us

Dental Specialist Use

As a dental specialist you will no doubt have your own way of doing things. Our charts are set up with pathologies and treatments pre-programmed with the correct AVDC nomenclature and codes. However, pathologies and treatments are customisable to allow veterinary dental specialists to set the charts up to suit the way they work.

The team at Vet Dental Charts recognise the important role that certified dental specialists play in the industry and can adjust the charts to suit the way each specialist likes to work.

The charts can produce a full detailed tooth report as well as pathology, treatments, radiography (AVDC hanging protocol), photos, discharge notes and nerve block details.

A live demonstration, through Skype or Google hangouts, is the best way to see how to use the charts and how they can be customisable to suit your practice.

Request a demonstration: email us

Sample Report Pages

  • Pathology Page
  • Treatments Page
  • Visit Notes Page
  • Tooth Report Page
  • Nerve Block Page
  • Gallery Pages


Use in the Consultation Room

Effective communication in the consult room is paramount to reinforcing the importance of oral hygiene and increasing the uptake of dental services. Using the dental charts’ pathology tool tips and MAXI/GUARD® Dental Wipes in the consult room are a great way of educating owners on dental pathology and oral hygiene at a multi sensory level. Communicating in this way reinforces the importance of oral care and many clinics that follow the process outlined below can have over 75% of their consultations booking in for dental procedures.

Open the Mouth of Every Patient

In order to diagnose dental disease, veterinarians must look for it. Each veterinarian within the practice needs to be educated on the importance of “opening the mouth” and performing a thorough oral examination on every patient that walks through the door, be it for a vaccination, skin problem, lameness etc. Taking this one step will significantly increase the amount of dental disease diagnosed in your practice.

Visual Communication Aid

Having the Vet Dental Charts open on your consult room computer, with the dental pathology photos and x-rays readily accessible, is a great visual aid in educating clients. Often pictures are a much more powerful way to convey your message than the spoken word. For example, showing photos of periodontal disease can help teach clients the importance of prioritising their pet’s oral health and starting a daily homecare routine. Likewise, using the chart’s photos and radiographs to show the owner the results of not proceeding with your recommendations for a dental procedure will increase the uptake of  dental services within your practice. The photos and radiographs also give you the opportunity to discuss different grades of dental disease, resorptive lesions, fractured teeth, gingival recession and hyperplasia, retained deciduous teeth and many more. Furthermore, showing clinical photos that look normal and then showing radiographs that prove otherwise helps owners understand

Showing Clients the Biofilm

Using MAXI/GUARD® Oral Cleansing Wipes in the consult room is another way of educating owners of the importance of daily dental homecare. Simply take one wipe and clean the pet’s teeth and oral cavity with it. Showing the client the amount of oral debris present in their pet’s mouth will make it much easier to promote dental homecare.

Using Charts at Discharge

Using the vet dental charts when discharging a patient who has undergone a dental procedure, allows you to showcase your practice’s quality of care. The printed colour pathology and treatment dental charts, together with digital photos and radiographs of the pet’s mouth, show the extent and value of what has been done and also gives the owner something to refer to when checking on the pet’s home care progress.

In many clinics, the veterinarian, technician or nurse that completed the dental procedure is not present when the pet is discharged. Using the printable vet dental charts allows the person discharging the patient to clearly communicate to the owner all pathologies found, dental treatments initiated, medications, restrictions and homecare instructions. This ensures the dental procedure has the best chance of success without complication or infection.

When the time is taken to discharge a patient in this way, the pet owner has a much clearer understanding of their pet’s dental issues, the treatment performed and what ongoing homecare is required from them. Practices who have implemented the dental charts in this way, have found a much higher uptake of homecare recommendations with retail sales of dental homecare products and diets increasing significantly.

Presenting discharge information to the pet owner in a professional package, such as this, is your opportunity to shine and sends a clear message that your practice takes the oral health of their pet seriously.

Dental Chart Pricing

VDS Code

Sign up to the dental charts using the coupon code VDS and, instead of charging a credit card, VDS will invoice you for the use of the charts annually or monthly depending on the plan you choose.