X-Mind DC with Sopix

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The French made Acteon X-Mind dental radiographic generator combines high image definition with safety and, when used with the Sopix digital sensor, radiographic exposure is further decreased thereby providing exceptional staff and patient safety. Pairing the X-Mind generator with the Sopix digital sensor reduces the exposure time by 75% compared with conventional intra-oral x-ray film.

The X-Mind generator may be wall mounted or mobile to suit the varying needs of practices. Having the generator wall mounted means less equipment taking up valuable floor space and the  three arm length options enables it to fit into most spaces. The X-Mind mobile option allows the flexibility of being able to move the generator from room to room depending on where it is needed and then to store it away when not in use.







The Sopix digital sensor controls the amount of radiation accumulated by the sensor, freezing the image acquisition as soon as it receives the necessary radiation which ensures all images are optimal and never overexposed. The Sopix also reduces time spent producing dental radiographs as there is no processing time, and retaking images is quick as the tube-head and sensor remain in position requiring only minor adjustment. The intuitive pre-programmed veterinary control panel and automatic optimisation of exposure on the X-Mind generator further improves speed and ensures diagnostic images. Reducing time improves theatre efficiency and reduces patient anaesthesia time.

The X-Mind arms and the tube head, which rotates 395° around the vertical axis, provide great flexibility of use and accurate positioning. Three arm lengths are available: 41 cm, 82.5 cm and 110 cm, giving reaches respectively of 143 cm, 184 cm and 212 cm (with a long cone).

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