Ultima Electric Dental System

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The Ultima Electric is the very first electric driven dental machine dedicated to small animal and equine dentistry and features a revolutionary electric handpiece.  This electric handpiece maintains speed regardless of pressure and delivers consistent torque compared to air driven systems which can lose over 50% of their speed when in contact with the tooth surface. This eliminates handpiece vibration, improves precision when sectioning teeth (as the cutting bur does not need to leave the tooth surface) and removes the need for any brushing action thereby eliminating hand, wrist and arm fatigue.

The Ultima Electric is a complete dental unit with a small footprint.  It includes a new oil free mini-compressor which cools the handpiece and pressurises the water system. Water is supplied through two x 1 litre water bottles which removes the need for any plumbing. Speed is controlled precisely using either a power dial or variable speed foot control. Minimal maintenance is required as only the handpieces require oiling and maintaining.

No plumbing or air connections required




All Ultima Electric Dental Machines are supplied with:

  • 40,000 RPM electric handpiece
  • 1:1 straight nose cone for speeds of 100 to 40,000 RPMs
  • 5:1 contra angle for speeds of 10,000 to 200,000 RPMs
  • Satelec® LED Piezo Scaler
  • Three way water, air and mist syringe
  • Speed control to dial in your preferred speed