Pod Veterinary Dental Scalers

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Pod scalers are designed for companion animal teeth and are used to remove calculus and tartar from the crown of the tooth. Made from European stainless steel and available in small feline, feline and canine sizes.



Scalers have sharp tips on the working end and and should never be used subgingivally as the sharp tip is very traumatic to the delicate sulcar tissues. By keeping the tip sharp, scalers can be useful for scaling in deep grooves and tight interproximal areas. To use, hold the tip third of the scaler’s cutting edge against the tooth. Tilt the instrument toward the tooth to achieve 70° to 80° angle between the tooth and the blade. Apply lateral pressure and activate the scaler by using vertical, diagonal or horizontal pull strokes. To maintain control use short 2-3 mm long strokes.

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Canine, Feline