Pod Tooth Root Extraction Kit

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The pod Tooth Root Extraction Kit has been specially designed to enable quick and easy removal of tooth root fragments. The kit includes two instruments – the pod Root Fragment Elevator and pod Root Fragment Forceps which are made from quality European stainless steel.

Please note the picture shows  two angles of the Root Fragment Elevator.




The pod Root Fragment Elevator is designed to cut any remaining periodontal ligament around tooth root fragments. It works especially well when a small rounded bur is used first to create a moat around the root fragment thereby improving access to the root.

Once any remaining periodontal ligament has been cut and the root fragment has been elevated loose, the pod Root Fragment Forceps are used. These delicate forceps are specially designed with a very fine tip that reaches deep into the alveolus enabling a retained root tip to be easily grasped without grabbing it so firmly as to risk fracturing the root tip further. The tip is available either straight or offset at a 45 degree angle and the double spring loaded handle facilitates a smoother movement and allows the jaws to open automatically as the grip on the handles is relaxed.

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