pod molar elevator 6 piece set

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Accessing the lingual aspect of molar teeth can be difficult with a straight shafted elevator. The lingual molar elevator has been shaped with a bend or goose neck to allow easy access to the lingual surfaces of molar teeth. This is especially useful in the smaller spaces of feline and smaller canine patients. The buccal bent elevators provide easy access to the buccal aspect of the root structure.

pod 2.5mm molar lingual elevator | pod 2.5mm molar buccal elevator | pod 3.0mm molar lingual elevator | pod 3.0mm molar buccal elevator | pod 3.5mm molar lingual elevator | pod 3.5mm molar buccal elevator



Instrument sets are the most economical way to set up a clinic with all the instruments that are required for veterinary dentistry. Our instruments are specially designed for veterinary medicine with innovative features to fit the caudal and rostral curves of single rooted teeth, and the lingual aspects of multiple rooted teeth there are also easy reach lingual and buccal molar sets designed to aid in accessing the tooth root structure for elevation and luxation.

Remember that pod Instruments will recycle your old instruments. When you send us your old dental or surgical instruments the stainless steel is recycled and used to make the handles of brand new pod veterinary dental instruments. Help us by acting responsibly to care for our environment.

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