pod elevator basket

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The elevator basket has inserts to support 10 elevators, keeping them in place during rinsing, cleaning and sterilisation. The basket protects your elevators during storage, while the stackable design saves space.



Dental instruments are precision engineered and sharpened to provide keen edges. Storing instruments appropriately is important to maintain this sharpness and precision. pod baskets are autoclavable and able to be submerged in cleaning solutions and cold sterilisation fluids. The baskets are made from high quality stainless steel and available with different inserts to fit pod elevators or the pod lightweight instrument handles.  Creating a workflow where instruments are cleaned, inspected, sharpened and sterilised between use is best practice.

Remember that pod Instruments will recycle your old instruments. When you send us your old dental or surgical instruments the stainless steel is recycled and used to make the handles of brand new pod veterinary dental instruments. Help us by acting responsibly to care for our environment.