Medium Flow Composite 1.7g

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A highly durable and easy to handle resin based restorative. Medium flow composite is highly versatile with less running and slumping.



Supra-nano filled flowable composite available in high, medium and super low viscosities to provide the ideal flow for a wide range of indications. With a higher filler content than traditional flowables, it provides benefits expected from less viscous composites, such as great adaptability and easy handling, without compromising strength.

Easy to squeeze out, our flowable composite provides a non-sticky consistency with minimal stringiness, high polishability and shade blendability for natural-looking restorations. It also delivers high strength, long-term wear resistance, gloss retention, low shrinkage stress, and resistance to staining.

Medium Flow is 71% by weight and 57% by volume.

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A1, A2