Inovadent Winged Elevators

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Winged Elevators were designed by Dr. Robert Wiggs and have curved edges which are designed to improve control and follow the contour of the tooth allowing better leverage when compared to other elevators. The design incorporates the best parts of an elevator and a luxator.

Available in 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm blades with standard or compact handles.



Winged Elevators have short winged blades with lateral edges which curve up further than traditional elevators. Winged Elevators improve conformation to the root structure, the narrow neck enhances visibility of the root and the shorter shaft improves handling and control especially if the operators’ hands are not large.



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1mm Standard, 1mm Compact, 2mm Standard, 2mm Compact, 3mm Standard, 3mm Compact, 4mm Standard, 4mm Compact, 6mm Standard, 6mm Compact, 8mm Standard, 8mm Compact