Domina Autoclave

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The Domina autoclave is a real work horse which is renowned for its extraordinary reliability, excellent loading capacity, ease of use and advanced sterilisation. It effectively sterilises without causing premature instrument damage often associated with low quality autoclaves. Costs are lowered through its energy efficiency; and minimal maintenance and repairs. There are variable programmable cycles with a rapid 20 minutes cycle and the ability to store data from every cycle for traceability.



A state-of-the-art, compact and elegant autoclave which is renowned for its extraordinary reliability, excellent loading capacity, ease of use and effective sterilisation matching that of the most advanced hospital units.

Reliable: Widely used throughout the world, the Domina has an outstanding reputation for reliability and is designed to last due to innovative and top-quality components.

Cost Effective: The Domina’s reliability minimises maintenance, which, together with its energy efficiency and low consumption, leads to lower costs.

 Safe and Gentle: The Adaptive Heat system enables sterilisation of both the internal and external surfaces of dental handpieces and turbines without causing premature damage often associated with low quality autoclaves. The powerful vacuum pump removes all air guaranteeing absolute sterilisation of any kind of material including the internal surfaces of handpieces. The pump also ensures perfect drying which is essential in reducing corrosion and rust on instruments and for maintaining sterility of wrapped material.

Quick: The speed of the sterilisation cycle enables optimisation of work flow and the special flash cycle enables rapid sterilisation in less than 20 minutes.

Easy to Use: The Domina is simple to use and highly versatile. There are 8 pre-stored programs with the option to freely change parameters and computerised control means the entire sterilisation cycle is automated at every step with the auto-diagnosis and automatic malfunction detection system guaranteeing continuous optimal working conditions.

Large Capacity: It has a large chamber with a curved basket system to allow as much of the sterilisation chamber to be used as possible.

Connectivity: The USB port and connectivity to a computer and/or printer allows storage and traceability of data from every sterilisation cycle to comply with applicable standards.