Cislak Stainless Steel Winged Dental Elevators with Small Handle

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Developed by Dr. Wiggs DVM, the Cislak Winged Elevators are the latest design in veterinary dentistry extraction instruments and can be used for most extraction procedures. When used with the correct technique, they allow easy extraction without excessive force.

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Cislak Veterinary Dental Winged Elevators allow extraction without excess force, providing the correct technique is used as follows:

The elevator is used with steady gentle rotational pressure for 10–30 seconds to fatigue the periodontal ligament and cause haemorrhage amongst its fibres. As space allows, the elevator is pressed further apically along the tooth, using a slow twisting action on the instrument. Cradling the jaw with the opposite hand and holding the elevator down on the shaft to prevent slippage are important considerations, especially with bone structure of questionable stability that could fracture. The Winged elevators should not be used in a levered action since their function is to sever the ligament by sliding around the root. Once the tooth becomes loose, the elevator can be pressed to the bottom of the alveolus with leverage to remove the tooth.

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Elevator Size

W1 1mm, W2 2mm, W3 3mm, W4 4mm, W5 5mm, W6 6mm, W7 7mm, W8 8mm