Bio Lube Lubricator Pen & Aerosol Cleaner Kit

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Kit contains 2 x 7.4ml Bio Lube Lubricator Pens and 1 x 207ml aerosol Bio Lube Cleaner.





Bio Lube Advanced Handpiece Lubricator Pen:

The “Pen-Style” dispenser offers a convenient and neat option for handpiece lubrication. Bio Lube Lubricant is a synthetic biodegradable handpiece lubricant which is safe for all high and low speed  handpieces and will not void your handpiece warranty. Bio Lube cures sluggish handpieces resurrecting 7 out of 10 handpieces and eliminates frequent and costly repairs adding 18-24 months to the life of handpieces. Bio Lube eliminates problems long associated with sterilisation and there is no need to lubricate after sterilisation. Reconditions bearing cages and O-rings to stay pliable.

Bio Lube Advanced Aerosol Handpiece Cleaner:

Eliminates sticky residue caused by traditional lubrication that leads to sluggish handpiece syndrome and failure. It works by evaporating old oil, dried blood, and saliva from internal parts and frees up frozen turbines.

Biodegradable, nontoxic and nonflammable.

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7.4 ml Lubricant Pens (2) & 207ml Cleaner, 207ml Lubricant & 207ml Cleaner