All Pro, Pro Vecta HD

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The ProVectaHD generator provides maximum image sharpness with its 0.4mm focal point and, together with its advanced ergonomic design, is user friendly allowing precise and stable positioning. The DC tube guarantees minimal radiation for both patient and staff while the ability to remotely control the veterinary specific control panel ensures even greater safety. The State-of-the-art, space saving design allows for installation and operation in less space.




The All Pro, Pro Vecta HD features:

  • Maximum image sharpness: While most X-ray units have a 0.7 mm focal point, the ProVectaHD features a smaller 0.4mm focal spot providing sharper edge definition and finer details of internal structures.
  • Advanced Ergonomic Design: The special generator head-handle is simple and flexible to use and the right-angle/parallel technology allows precise positioning that stays in place.
  • Minimal Radiation: The DC tube guarantees a constant energy level for brilliant images, reducing patient dose by over 25%, in comparison to conventional AC units, ensuring greater safety for your patients and staff.
  • Intuitive Veterinary Control panel: The user-friendly display has intuitive icons for quick and accurate selection of tooth area, size of patient, type of radiograph and is
  • Remote operation: May be remotely controlled using a CAT-5 cable, enhancing safety.
  • Space-saving design: State-of-the-art design with small footprint and right angle/parallel technology, allows for installation and operation in less space.






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