10 pack Rabbit bur set

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Using rabbit molar burs is an efficient and less traumatic method of rasping teeth. The longer bur is used with the VDS straight nose cone that has an internal water jet to cool and lubricate the tooth. Care must be taken to avoid soft tissue in the oral cavity. Set contains 10 burs with 5 different shapes.

Tungsten carbide | multi use | autoclavable


Companion animal teeth are very different from our own. VDS burs are selected for their quality and suitability for the everyday challenges of veterinary dentistry. Each bur has been selected for a specific use and should always be used with our dental systems to ensure longevity and performance. VDS burs are designed to be used multiple times (unlike poorer quality single use burs) making them a cost effective solution. Veterinary dental burs are available in a wide range of types and sizes. FG or friction grip burs fit in the highspeed handpiece. RA are designed for lower speeds and are fitted into a lower speed handpiece. HP burs are also for a lower speed handpiece and these burs fit into a straight nose cone. HP burs are typically used for rabbits and rodents.


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