Haemostatic sponge with colloidal silver

Complications due to bacterial infection commonly occur after extractions and other oral surgery. DENTOSPON™ not only provides effective haemostasis, but is also bactericidal.

DENTOSPON™ is made of foam gelatine and finely dispersed (colloidal) silver. Silver forms silver ions in moist conditions and even small quantities of these ions are antimicrobial, and do not develop resistance. DENTOSPON™ is effective against all micro-organisms which are found in the oral cavity, particularly against gram-negative organisms and is very effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Haemostatic absorbable sponge

SURGISPON® is an Absorbable Hemostatic Gelatin Sponge which stops bleeding quickly and effectively, thereby reducing intra operative bleeding and surgery time. It is designed for use after dental procedures such as extractions, oral mass removal and other oral bone and soft tissue surgery where traditional haemostasis is difficult or impractical. SURGISPON® absorbs approximately 40 to 50 times its weight of water/blood, adheres easily to the bleeding site and is fully absorbed within 3 to 4 weeks.