Equine Dental Power Burs

Equine dentistry requires specialised burs and discs that are robust enough to withstand the high torque of equine dentistry. All VDS powered equipment use burs specifically designed for equine dentistry and the irrigation systems in our power equipment cools the bur sufficiently to maintain animal welfare.

Equine Diastema Burs

Diastema burs are used on the cheek teeth of horses when feed becomes trapped between them. This is a common occurrence when the cheek teeth slightly separate. The feed that is trapped encourages bacterial growth that causes halitosis, enlarged pockets and periodontal disease.

The diastema bur is used in progressively larger sizes to open the gap sufficiently to release trapped feed. This removes the cause of bacterial growth halting periodontal disease and bad breath.

Diamond Float Discs

Diamond discs are available for the small and large head shafts of the Flexi Float range of power equine float systems. Diamond discs are gentle on the surrounding soft tissue and are cooled by the inbuilt irrigation system of the Flexi Float range to maintain animal welfare.

25mm Carbide 702 Tapered Fissure Surgical Bur

The high torque of equine dental handpieces requires the use of robust burs. The correct fissure bur to use is the #702 25mm surgical tapered fissure bur.

25mm Carbide Round Tip Size 6 Bur

The high torque of the equine dental handpiece requires the use of robust burs. The correct round bur to use is the #6 25mm or #8 45mm surgical round tip bur.